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With the goal to support the 99% of entrepreneurs, we offer the “Design Your Venture” program. The Program includes: 

  • Sector-focused TracksGreenTech, AgriTech, FoodTech, Biotech, Fintech & Web3.
  • Acceleration Cohorts: Launch, Commercialization, Growth, and Fundraising.
  • Performance Activation: Smart Financing and Startup Roadmap, Scale and Exit.

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Sector-focused Tracks

Each Cohort is specifically designed for selected sectors.

The AgriTech-focused Cohort aims to accelerate 5 – 10 startups per year in Solar Energy, Decarbonization and Green Finance Initiatives. One example initiative is “Solar for Farmers, Better Bite for All”. The Cohort is run in partnership with our trusted Partners in Japan and Vietnam.

The Food Tech-focused Cohort aims to accelerate 5 – 10 startups per year in Food, Plant-based Protein, Food Tech Ecosystem for Consumer Health improvement. The Cohort is run in partnership with our trusted Partners in Asia-Pacific and Vietnam. 

The Biotech-focused Cohort aims to accelerate 5 – 10 startups per year in Food Science, BioScience, Digital Health, Precision Nutrition, Cannabis for Mental Health, Therapeutic, Biodefense and Immunity for Disease Prevention. The Cohort is run in partnership with our trusted Partners in the U.S.

 The Fintech Cohort aims to accelerate 5 – 10 startups per year who use Web3 technologies including Blockchain, NFTs, DAO, to create innovative solutions for Health. The Cohort is run in partnership with our trusted Partners in the U.S.

Acceleration Cohorts

The curriculum is provided on a hybrid format, where 80% is group time and 20% is 1:1 time.  See below for details. 

Module 1 - Launch

Launch – We offer the basic 5-step process below via our affiliated FFI@University program. Full fee reimbursement is provided for Underserved founders or for certain programs. We also offer alternative acceleration options provided by our selected Training Providers, where suitable.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Module 2 - Commercialization

Commercialization – We offer our Signature 7-step process below to bring your MVP to the Market successfully. 

    1. Establish Founder-Market Fit with 3P Strategy: Personal Credibility – Perception of the Market – Personal Influence on the Market.
    2. Establish Story-to-Scale with 3S Strategy: Survival – Solution – Scale.
    3. Establish Product-Solution Fit with 3R Strategy: Redesign – Refine – Repeat.
    4. Establish Product-Market Fit with 5P Strategy: Product – Price – Promotion – Place – People.
    5. Establish Growth Strategy with 4C Principles: Clarity – Consistency – Customer – Cost Control.  
    6. Establish Customer Success Strategy: Founder-led Sales & Customer-centric After-Sales in every channel: Marketing, Distribution, Online versus Offline, B2B versus B2C, Local versus Global, Licensing & Franchising.
    7. Establish Continuous Monitoring Strategy: Collect Feedback, Analyze, Perform Testing, Refine and Apply (CAPRA). 

Module 3 - Growth & Financing

Growth & Financing – We provide Distribution strategies for Growth which aligns with Financing roadmap.

    1. Understand Exit goal: define and quantify essential criteria to achieve the goal.
    2. Map the Financing Roadmap: Fundraising versus Exit goal, Financing versus Equity Structure, Competitive landscape versus Unfair advantages.
    3. Design Distribution strategies with Revenue targets and different Financing tactics, including Pre-Sales Product-Financing Fit, Inventory-Financing Fit, Revenue-Financing Fit, and Loyalty-Financing Fit.
    4. Design Fundraising strategies with Exit goal with different Financing tactics to effectively manage Equity Dilution.
    5. Arrange suitable Financing Vehicles and Continuous Monitoring to meet the Goal. 

Module Bonus - Fundraising

The Fundraising Cohort is a Bonus for those who complete all Core Modules. It is designed to help those entrepreneurs, who lack of Capital Access and struggle to navigate on different Funding paths. The Cohort focuses on two key types of Fundraising: (i) Crowdfunding with Reg CF, SMEs’ Equity Offerings with Reg D, Mini-IPO with Reg A; (ii) Syndicate, Angels and VCs fundraising with SAFE. The Cohort is run in partnership with our trusted Partners in the U.S.

Performance Activation

The services is provided on 1:1 basis in the form of Advisory, Coaching and Expert-on-Demand. 

Key signature components include: Performance Mindset Activation, Designing a Startup Roadmap, Leveraging the AI and Smart Financing to Accelerate the Endgame.


Coming soon! Stay tuned for news and tips on how to design your venture to reach startup endgame and align with your life goal.

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