Design Your Venture

Create Your Wealth

Founder Identity, Generative AI & Financing Strategy for Entrepreneurial Performance

What Is Your Goal?

If your Goal is to build a Startup that could survive and sustain, and build your Wealth portfolio over the course of life, this is for you.

If you are looking to achieve unrealistic “unicorn” status by aggressively fundraising and burning money to trade off for growth, this is NOT for you.

About us

The Design Your Venture (DYV) school is a Venture Education affiliate of FHH Ventures. It is founded by former Goldman Sachs and Wall Street veterans, AI experts, Venture Builders and Venture Capitalists, with AI-driven Strategy, deep understanding and diverse experience with Skin-in-the-Game, on both sides of the table, Capital Raising & Capacity Building. Our main focused areas are Finance & Investing, Food, Health & Health Equity, Green Transition & Sustainability. 

The DYV school offers personalized Programs to entrepreneurs, founders, small investors, who are interested in building their venture and ultimately building their wealth. Our courses for Individuals can be accessed from anywhere in the world. 

The DYV school offers programs in two main areas that are vertically integrated: 

  1. Venture Build: personalized education with Venture Build Strategy and hands on experience, covering from Launch, Fundraising to Commercialization and Licensing, with the special focus on Executable Strategies and AI power to Build, Grow, Scale and Exit your business.
  2. Wealth Build: personalized education with Wealth Build and Investing Strategy in All-Weather, covering Breakthrough Mindset, Rebalancing Approach with Portfolio Optimization, Asset Allocation and Diversification.

Our program offerings can also be customized under Licensing agreement. This approach is suitable with Venture Capital, Corporate Venture Capital, Accelerators and Incubators, University Learning Labs and Corporate business partners who want to build out their Venture arms.

Our Goal

Our primary goal is not to tell you How-to, e.g. how to raise fund or how to acquire customers, because these how-to will deliver different results, or fail to deliver positive results in different economies with different customer behaviors.

As Steve Jobs has said, Strategy, People and Culture are top three elements to build a successful business. We believe that with right strategy, right people and suitable culture, you will be able sustain in a long run.

Therefore, DYV’s Goal is to help you create your own “System of Executable Strategies”, based on our IP of  “System of Executable Strategies”, so you can strategize, adapt and align your business in different environments.

Throughout our designed programs, you will practically train and shift your own Mindset, build out and upgrade your own Core power, i.e. your assets, expertise and capabilities, create your own Executable Strategies, and make them aligned with your Venture Build and your Wealth Build journey. 

The best investment is to invest in yourself – quoted from Warren Buffett.

Core Modules

Module I-1: Incubation - Breakthrough Mindset in IP Development
Module I-2: Incubation - Exploration, R&D & Commercialization Strategy
Module I-3: Incubation - Stress Test & Cross the Valley of Death
Module I-4: Incubation - Technology Transfer & Mass Market
Module L-1: Launch - Online Branding, Personal Marketing & Print-on-Demand
Module L-2: Launch - Crowdfund for Your Business & Presales
Module L-3: Launch - Business Model, Product Launch & Operations Training
Module L-4: Launch - Offline Branding, Location Marketing, Events
Module C-1: Commercialization - Content Marketing, Lead Generation & Sales Funnels
Module C-2: Commercialization - Distribution System & Omni-channels (Online, Offline, Agents, Apps)
Module C-3: Commercialization - After-Sales Services, Customer Review & Loyalty
Module C-4: Commercialization - Continuous Monitoring, Quality Control & Cashflows
Module G-1: Growth - Expand Distribution System & Customer Base
Module G-2: Growth - Expand Ecosystem with Integrated Value Chain
Module G-3: Growth - Build Community-based Customers with Training-as-a-Service
Module G-4: Growth - Build Community-based Customers with Membership & Subscription
Module S-1: Scale - Lean Supply Chain & Third-party Logistics
Module S-2: Scale - Digitalization & Vertical Integration of Value Chain
Module S-3: Scale/Going Global - Build Network & Understand Culture
Module S-4: Scale/Going Global - Cross-border Commerce, Legal & Compliance, Accounting & Taxes
Module E-1: Exit - Licensing or Micro Acquisition
Module E-2: Exit - Fundraising - Crowdfunding (Reg CF), Angel Rounds & SAFE
Module E-3: Exit - Fundraising - Venture Rounds & Series Fundings
Module E-4: Exit - Fundraising - Private Equity (Reg D), Mini-IPO (Reg A), SPAC & IPO
Module W-1: Wealth Build - Breakthrough Mindset in Wealth Creation & Investment
Module W-2: Wealth Build - Portfolio Optimization Strategy, Risk, Reward & Rebalancing
Module W-3: Wealth Build - Due Diligence & Fraud Prevention and Detection
Module W-4: Wealth Build - Continuous Monitoring, Asset Allocation & Diversification
Module W-5: Wealth Build - Acceleration with Technology, Network, Culture
Module W-6: Wealth Build - Methodology "Quantum Wealth in All-Weather"

Venture Build Offerings


Launch with five Core steps:

Step 1

Explore what people will be willing to pay for?

Step 2

Turn what-people-will-pay-for into idea.

Step 3

Validate that your idea is what people want.

Step 4

Turn your idea into product in reality.

Step 5

Launch Your MVP via Crowdfunding Campaign.


Cross the Valley of Death

  1. Generate Lead: Select your audience and start connecting with them to convert your audience into lead.
  2. Drive Revenue: Drive founder-led sales via Online and Offline Channel.
  3. Analyze Data: Analyze your Pricing strategies and Market scenarios to understand Competition landscape.
  4. Create Buzz: Use different marketing strategies to create buzz and mystery in the market.
  5. Sell Your Product: Start selling your product in market with different methods and mediums.

Commercialize and Fundraise

We offer our Signature 7-Step process below to help you Go to Market and fundraise along the way. The fundraising techniques cover Credibility Positioning, Storytelling & Pitching Practices, across 7 Steps below.

    1. Founder-Market Fit: 3P Strategy: Personal Credibility – Perception of the Market – Personal Influence on the Market.
    2. Story-to-Scale: 3S Strategy: Survival – Solution – Scale.
    3. Product-Solution Fit: 3R Strategy: Redesign – Refine – Repeat.
    4. Product-Market Fit: 5P Strategy: Product – Price – Promotion – Place – People.
    5. Growth Strategy: 4C Principles: Clarity – Consistency – Customer – Cost Control.  
    6. Customer Success Strategy: Founder-led Sales & Customer-centric After-Sales in every channel, including Marketing, Distribution, Online versus Offline, B2B versus B2C, Local versus Global, Licensing & Franchising.
    7. Continuous Monitoring Strategy: Collect Feedback, Analyze, Perform Testing, Refine and Apply (CAPRA). 


The Fundraising session is designed as hands-on experience and a Bonus for those who complete all Core Modules. It is designed to help those entrepreneurs, who lack of Capital Access and struggle to navigate on different Funding paths. 

The session focuses on three key types of Fundraising: (i) Crowdfunding with Rewarded-based, Donation-based, Equity-based (Reg CF); (ii) SMEs’ Equity Offerings with Reg D, or Mini-IPO with Reg A; (ii) Syndicate, Angels and VCs fundraising with SAFE or Venture Round. 

Wealth Build Offerings

Breakthrough Mindset

Statistically, 90% of startups failed within 5 years. What is the Root Cause? Many observations indicate that – When founders and entrepreneurs are not mentally “well-prepared” for their venture journey, they would fail. 

The “State of Mind” of being able to “Create New Opportunities out of Failures” and “Build Wealth in All Weather” is the reason to succeed. In this Module, founders and entrepreneurs will be required to “Break their Pattern” and “Set up their State of Mind” in 5 key angles: Mindset, Strategy, Fraud Prevention, Continuous Monitoring, AI & Emerging Technology for Acceleration. For further growth, they will be asked to start building two additional aspects – Culture and Network.

As Tim Draper has said – “I will fail and fail again, until I succeed.”

Wealth Creation & Investment

We offer our Signature Methodology in Wealth Creation & Investment – “Quantum Wealth in All-Weather”. Our proven methodology is a vertically integrated structure encompassing five key processes, with executable strategies and tactics in portfolio optimization, rebalancing, asset allocation and diversification.

Build your Venture and Build your Wealth with us?

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